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FAQ: Frequently Asked Question  
  1. Q : What other services do you offer?

    A : PT. Archipelago Asset Management focuses on what we know and do best. We specialize in investment management. This takes two forms: Mutual fund and Discretionary Fund. We also offer financial planning services. We can refer you to other experts who specialize in estate planning, tax advice, and tax preparation.

  2. Q : What is Mutual Fund?

    A : A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors to invest in capital market. While there is no legal definition of mutual fund, the term is most commonly applied only to those collective investment schemes that are regulated, available to the general public and open ended in nature.

  3. Q : How to buy/sell or switching a mutual fund units ?

    A : Potential Investor simply fill in the form of purchase/redemption or switching mutual funds unit and submit documents as required in the respective prospectus. For purchase, the funds deposited/transferred into mutual funds account.

  4. Q : Indicators of the development of Mutual Fund investment is NAV. What is NAV?

    A : The development of investment using the indicators Net Asset Value ( NAV ) . For mutual funds (collective investment contract), the owner of a unit could buy or sell the unit to Investment Managers any time with a base NAV. The NAV is calculating by a custodian bank and also publish information about NAV daily , make financial statements per semester report and account of ownership in a monthly .

  5. Q : What is Discreationary Fund?

    A : Discreationary was formed with bilateral agreement between an investor with investment managers . This treaty is usually load parties that are committed in agreement ( that is , investors and investment managers ) , conditions and the regulation exists , the investment , the agreement applies , management expense the portfolio , reporting , and other provisions are perceived need to by both parties to be included in the agreement .

  6. Q : What type of investors in PT. Archipelago Asset Management geared towards?

    A : Our primarily geared towards institutional investors and distribution networks (banks, insurance companies, independent financial advisors, etc.) as well as discerning individual clients.

  7. Q : What are PT. Archipelago Asset Management's specific areas of expertise?

    A : Our key strength lies in our four specific areas of expertise: Mutual Funds and Discretionary Funds. This unique positioning has enabled us to establish vital pillars of excellence and create a name for ourselves as a valued expert within the industry.

  8. Q : Who is the source of your investment advice?

    A : We provide our own advice, based on our knowledge of investing. That knowledge comes from years of diverse professional analytical experience in investment management and from wide reading in the literature of finance and economics. We do not buy and resell canned investment advice from anyone else.

  9. Q : How do I get informed about the development of my money?

    A : Every month you will receive a detailed deposit overview if desired. Naturally it can be stored and directly be discussed with us as well. To track your deposit development is possible by phone at any time. We are always accessible for our customers and will gladly describe you our strategies and transactions. Although we make and execute all decisions for you, your assets work for you with absolute transparency. You will always have a direct contact to your advisor/responsible person and if desired to the company's management as well. You directly speak to the circle of responsibles, who take and convert investment decisions for you.

  10. Q : In which bank will your deposit/account be kept?

    A : for mutual funds, we choose the Custodian Bank to keep and record all the mutual funds transaction, while for the Discretionary account, the prospective investor could choose which Custodian Bank they prefer

  11. Q : How do I become a customer with PT. Archipelago Asset Management?

    A : Call us at +3100078 / 3150460 or send us the contact form with your questions and desires. Gladly we also observe a personal meeting on a date and at a place of your choice.

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