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Key facts:

  • One of the least impacted by weaker global growth in the Asia-Pacific region
  • The 4th most populous nation (240mn people) - over 50% is under 29yrs old, with the same percentage living in urban areas
  • The expansion of middle - class income which will reach 45% of population by 2012 and improvement in Indonesia’s per capita GDP
  • Solid macroeconomic conditions with low debt to GDP, accelerating GDP growth, lower volatility of rupiah, improving fiscal position and rising investments
  • Domestic-consumption driven economy (60% of GDP)
  • Projections of GDP is expected to grow from US$ 706bn at present, to US$ 1-2tn over the next 15 yrs
  • The 18th of the strongest economies in the world and entered the G-20
  • Indonesia is taking aggressive steps to be an investment grade country and will become the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030
  • Indonesia is ranked 1st among Asia-Pacific sovereigns by Standard & Poor’s for best fiscal balance
  • Debt to GDP ratio will fall to 24% in 2012 compared to around 26% this year
  • Monetizing the debt in EU, USA and ultimately in China will weaken their currencies and will boost the commodity market. Investments and exports of Indonesia will then highly benefit
  • Indonesia will leverage from the strong economic growth of their key partners for exports, especially China and India
  • GDP growth with controlled inflation will maintain high nominal interest rates for investors
  • Eurozone is likely to face a recession and along the US is set to keep low interest rates in the foreseeable future.

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